Oh man was I excited to play Devil May Cry 5 by the creators over at capcom! Within seconds the action ensued, and you’re immediately captivated by the stunning visuals and the witty banter. Devil may cry 5 takes place five years after the events of the fourth game and instead of following one character, you play as three. Dante and Nero are two of my favorite antagonists out of all the series I’ve played in my lifetime and they’ve even added a mysterious character names “V”. You pick between these three characters for numerous missions all the while they get stronger and unlocked new moves and techniques. I’ve only had the chance to play this for a few hours but so far this game is amazing, showing off its newer graphics with the impressive “RE Engine” used in resident evil 7: Biohazard and The Resident evil 2 remake. I’ll be spending my day off tomorrow binging the hell out of this game and won’t feel a bit of shame for it. If you’re interested in checking this game out i highly recommend it especially considering it’s free with the xbox game pass.

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