The legend of zelda, links awakening is only 2 weeks away! is anyone else as excited as i am?!? There is absolutely no way this game could turn out poorly. For starters its going to be upgraded from 2D to 3D but here are a few things you may not know. Unfortunately i wasn’t born when the game originally came out but i have played it before and it is a classic. This upgraded version has a few cool new features in it, one of those features is gap jumping. Based on some of the early access game play we got to see a few other awesome features, such as dungeon creation. That’s right, you can now custom build your very own dungeons for your friends to beat, or try at least. There are also some areas of the game that switch the camera view back to 2d to accomplish certain tasks. besides that the graphics are absolutely gorgeous for a game that was originally released 26 years ago. I will absolutely be binging this game until completion when the game finally drops (which cant happen soon enough).

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