This is the first official boss fight of the incredible game that is Devil May Cry 5. As you enter a new area, a van comes hurling at Nero and he walks perfectly through the open door, and as the van crashes into a building, Nero kicks out the door on the other side followed by some witty remark about the guy he’s looking for. As you begin talking to Goliath, he tells you he’s going to eat all of the humans before becoming the king of the underworld, but Nero isn’t so convinced. Trying to prove himself, Goliath stashed some debris in his stomach and hurls it out as a giant ball of molten rock. This was such a fun boss fight because not only is Nero a certified gangster, the cut scenes are incredible. So far this is one of the best games I’ve played in a very long time. I can’t put this title down, as I am absolutely addicted to it. If you’d like to give this game a try, and own an Xbox, they’re running a deal on their Ultimate Game pass at an extremely low rate of 2$ for two months of ultimate membership which has this title, along with many others on it to play for free. If you’ve enjoyed this content, make sure you subscribe to the email chain at the bottom of the screen to stay up to date with my latest content.

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