I Know i’m late to the party, but i finally got a chance to watch the new Nintendo direct this morning, and it most definitely did not disappoint! I wasn’t able to cover everything, but here are a few of my favorite moments from what i watched!

Luigi’s mansion is fast approaching, with its release coming on october 31 2019! This game looks incredible and while i vaguely remember player the older ones, i believe this is a must buy. This is a game we will most likely be doing a review on. At Nintendo Direct they showed us some new floors, including a pyramid… inside a hotel? Another floor showed a disco dance floor, and they’ve created a party mode where 2-8 people can play each other. Also on 9/4/19 Nintendo announced overwatch will be coming to the switch! Nintendo also announced a Kirby Rpg that can be enjoyed by yourself or with friends and includes over 100 quests! Trials of mana 3 gets a remake for the year 2020, which is a classic to most gamers! they’ve added jumping and combo attacks and the graphics look incredible. The creators of pokemon gave us some insight on a game called little town hero! Turn based Rpgs are among my favorite genres, especially considering i binged Fire emblem the day it came out. Little town hero is about a town full of people who are not allowed to leave. Players will take control of a character named Axe, who is desperately fighting to defeat the monsters and save the people in his village. On a side note, Super smash bros released new characters in banjo-Kazooie and teased the character terry, from Fatal Furry! This Nintendo Direct had so much to offer that i won’t be able to cover everything in this blog but one thing i am excited for is the revival of the star wars classic, “Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast”. This single player game is set 8 years after the events of “Return of the jedi”, and two years after the events of “mysteries of the Sith”. This game features Kyle Katarn who has an incredible Characters arc, going from troubled kid to a kick ass jedi! One game i will be buying, mainly because i neglected to when it originally came out, is The Witcher 3, Wild Hunt. Since its release i have had the chance to play the second installment in this game, and i had so much fun with it! Overall the Witcher Series has made its mark as one of the best of all time and i thoroughly look forward to playing as Geralt of Riviera once more. The last thing im going to cover from the Nintendo direct, is the Assassins creed: Rebel collection, which includes one of my favorite games of all time in Assassins creed IV: Black Flag. Since i was a kid, i have always been fascinated with pirates and this game is an absolute gem that i will undoubtedly be playing again. not only are you a bad ass pirate but you get to sail the seas and wage war against other ships. That’s not all though, once you upgrade your ship, you can set sail and battle the deadly ghost ships that are in certain areas of the map. Be weary though, as these are no easy feats. On a final note, this Nintendo direct was filled with so much awesome news that i was not able to cover everything. The Nintendo Switch has failed to let me down from the moment i bought it and i look forward to playing most of these games. You Can watch the full Nintendo Direct on youtube by clicking this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TVE44feo_I

Have a great saturday everyone, and happy gaming!!

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