NSureGaming is an up and coming streamer on Facebook live. You can tell his followers like him and his content, and it doesn’t take long to realize he is a genuine person and a better gamer. He had some bad luck in a few matches and still managed to make it close to the end each time. One moment in particular he was frantically searching for a weapon while being chased by an opponent, and at the last moment pulled a gun and managed to secure the kill. After talking to NSureGaming for a little while i realized we had a lot in common. Both of us grew up playing classics like N64 and neither of us could get our hands on gaming computers at a young age, which ultimately helped us respect the things we have today that we worked so hard for. I personally really enjoyed the time i spent watching him play apex legends, and chatting with him. As a testament to his good character, he was giving away a 25$ gift card to one lucky viewer during this particular stream. Overall, if you enjoy good game play and a great personality, NSureGaming should be your go to streamer. My advice to anyone reading this is to go like, share and follow his channel so you don’t miss out on his next epic stream.

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