I never had the means as a kid to play this classic MMORPG but now that im older and have a decent computer, i have picked up this top tier mmo and it is extremely addicting. Not only did they keep their enhanced graphics from the original game, but from what i read in chat the spirit of the original game is still very much intact. I believe people like the harder, grindier mmos like WOW classic or Old school Runescape (which i’m not ashamed to admit i still play regularly). There’s just something about that old school grind that draws you in for hours at a time. I haven’t had the chance to play as much as i’d like, due to adulting and what not, but i fully intent on grinding out at least one account to level 60. The minimal time i did play was so much fun, and the community was far from toxic. In fact a lot of the time people will help you with mobs rather than kill you because they are also having a tough time by themselves and many instances i have actually partied up with randos to complete a task before peacefully going our separate ways. Wow classic is definitely a game worth playing, and i always think the classics are better than the watered down newer versions of any MMO.

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