I made my coffee this morning, and had full intentions on double logging my runescape accounts, (playing one account at a time isn’t fun anymore) but then i decided to turn on my xbox. This will probably be my best decision today, at least thus far. First thing i saw when my xbox fired up was a deal on the xbox, which was the “game pass ultimate” for two dollars for two months, which is a steal. Upon further review i saw that they have tons of new games that i have wanted to play but haven’t had the funds to purchase. My first download was blair witch, which if you didn’t know, is a movie that scares the ever living shit out of you. I fully plan on playing this tonight with my girlfriend, as these are the only games she enjoys. Survival horror is one of my favorite genres in gaming, being beaten out only by MMOS and RPGs. The game is set two years after the first movie and will feature a cop named Ellis, who is out looking for a nine year old boy. We will get further into this game into my review tomorrow morning. The next game i saw on the game pass was Devil may cry 5 which i am also super excited to play. I’m going to be torn between all of these free to play games for the next few weeks, but i’m going to make it a point to play this hack and slash gem all while trying to level up my World of Warcraft classic account. The last game i’m excited to get my hand on is Gears of War 5, although i never completed the fourth entry to this series so i may be finishing that before actually touching this one. All in all, excited doesn’t describe well enough what i’m feeling whilst waiting on these games to download.

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