Tonight, i did the first part of my walk-through of Gears 5 and it was an absolute blast. I just got my Blue yeti mic and was eager to test it out on my new lets play series of Gears 5. Act 1 Part 1 was not only a visual dream ( Or Nightmare), it was also extremely fun to play. Even though i’m new to blogging/Youtube, im very excited to continue this play through. Basically the first mission starts out with a quick flash back of some of the events of Gears 4 to brush up on some of the important details. The main objective was to go into swarm territory and activate an old silo, against orders. Upon arrival, you’ll notice the ruins are from a past entry to the series as marcus points out, and the action ensues not far after. This game is really bringing me back to the shooter genre, that i admittedly lost love for over the years. There are some terrifyingly fast paced moments in this first mission that will have you on the edge of your seat, praying you don’t die and i couldn’t have been more excited about it. If you’d like to watch Part 1 of my walkthrough, just click this link . Any and all feedback is much appreicated, and as always, subscribe to my youtube channel and my email listing at the bottom of my blog to stay up to date on my latest content!

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