Patiently waiting to jump back into gears 5, just need to get past this update! updates are good though as they have deployed a server-side update to their matchmaking to improve overall ping AND to balance out ranked matches. I have yet to try out the multiplayer mode as i want to finish the campaign first. I am currently doing a walkthrough of the campaign and it is so much fun that i considered calling off work just to play! I actually did part 2 of my walkthrough yesterday but the quality was so attrocious that i decided to scrap and have a do-over today after ordering a capture card and some Gfuel. I have heard nothing but great things about the multiplayer modes and estatic to give it a try. To be completely tranparent, i have never play gears online but am eager to give it ago. If all goes well with these walkthroughs, i may do some live streams for the multiplayer as i feel that would make for great content. The downside is that i will probably suck at first but we’re gonna give it a go nonetheless. Also i highly suggest picking this game up if you haven’t already and dont forget to like/subscribe to my youtube channel and my ever so awesome blog at the bottom of the page. To conclude this blog, if you’re sick of drinking crappy energy drinks, head on down to the bottom of my page and try some Gfuel out for yourself. I highly recommend the Dr. Disrespect sponsored black blackbery!

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