#4 “The Legend of Zelda, The Wind Waker”

The Wind Waker was originally released in 2002 and was developed and published by Nintendo for the GameCube and this is one of my favorite memories from my childhood! This was the tenth installment in the series and is set on a group of islands spread thin across a seemingly endless sea. Early on your sister gets kidnapped by the ruthless Ganon. During his quest to thwart the evil Ganon, he gets entangled in the struggle for the Triforce, an ancient relic that grants the beholder any wish. Along the way he meets a pirate captain names Tetra, who is a reincarnation of the princess Zelda and they’re aided by a talking boat names the King of the Red Lions who is actually the king of the sunken kingdom of hyrule .

In “The Legend of Zelda, The Windwaker”, you spend a lot of your time sailing from island to island on The King of the Red Lions. This feature is particularly unique compared to other entries to the series and is controlled by changing the direction that the wind blows by a baton you can conduct specific melodies with. Overall the map is comprised of forty-nine gridded sections of the “Great Sea” that is riddled with mysteries. Along the way, you acquire different items, such as the grappling hook that can be used as a crane to discover sunken treasures that were once lost at sea.

According to Nintendo’s official Legend of Zelda chronology, The Wind Waker takes place in a different timeline, one of several parallel timelines caused by the events in the Ocarina of Time. This is set in the “Adult Link” timeline after the hero of time defeats Ganon and travels back in time to his child self. Ganon returns and wreaks havoc once again, but this time the hero did not. After centuries pass, the people are forced to live on islands spread around the Great Sea. The people on an island called “Outset Island” preserve Link’s story as legend, having the boys of the island dress in a green tunic like the Hero of Time when they come of age.

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