#5 “The Legend of Zelda”

Hey guys, we’re only four days away from the release of The legend of Zelda, Link’s awakening remake! To pass the time, I’m going to write about my top five favorite Zelda games, two of them today and then once a day up until the day before the big release! So, to kick off my list, number five on this list is going to be the original “The Legend of Zelda “. The original title released in 1986 and was developed by Nintendo and designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka.

The Legend Of Zelda was one of a kind and incorporated action, adventure and role-playing elements. Set in the Era called “the Era of Decline”, Hyrule was a dwindling kingdom and the residents took to living in caves. The main antagonist, Ganon, the prince of darkness invaded the land and stole the Triforce of power. The Triforce of power was one of three pieces, but even so it bestowed great power to those who wielded it. Ganon kidnaps Zelda, but before he got to her, she split the Triforce of wisdom into eight pieces and hides them in underground dungeons. Zelda also asked her nursemaid Impa to find someone to find the pieces and save the kingdom. While traveling, she is surrounded by Ganon’s henchman before being rescued by a young boy named link. After talking to the young boy, he agrees to find the pieces of the Triforce of wisdom and use it to defeat Ganon.

This game is a classic and really helped shape many of the action adventure, role playing style games we see and play today, which is why it made this list. Anyone who has ever played this game understands just how fun it is between the clever use of puzzles, the music that sets the mood so well. This game is one of a kind and it never ceases to amaze you between the hidden caves with hearts or rupees, or the enigmatic use of problem solving. This game made the list because it helped kick off one of the greatest series of games that has ever graced our lives with their presence, and we are forever grateful for it!

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