This title just dropped a few hours ago and i set an alarm just to get up and play it! I work my full time job, starting at five thirty in the morning, but that wasn’t stopping me from sinking my teeth into this masterpiece right as it dropped! This game is so much fun and the mechanics have that familiarity of the original title, yet it also feels like a whole new game. I was originally going to just do part one of my walk-through, but ended up doing part two because i was having so much fun!

In Part one, we completed chapter one, the tail cave, but before we could do that we had to go to the shore to retrieve our sword. Once we were well armed, we headed north into the mysterious forest where we meant a mischievous raccoon who kept making our journey difficult. After speaking to him, i soon realized i had to figure out a way to get a powder to knock him out. After searching, i found some toadstool and took it to a witch who gave me some magic powder to use on the raccoon. Not long after that we found the Tail Cave key and made our way into our first dungeon. I won’t spoil any of the dungeon for you, but it was such a fun experience. I admittedly died a few times and had a few laughs at myself for making some stupid mistakes.

After we completed the tail cave, we returned to the town to find out that some moblins had dog-napped the bow wow! We headed north and found their hide out and retrieved the bow wow, which aided us in finding our way to the second dungeon. This dungeon was a little bit harder than the first but every bit as fun. The puzzles were challenging and the final boss was a character in his own. We defeated him and retrieved the second of eight instruments we need to wake the wind fish.

The Second Dungeon

So far this game is a visual masterpiece with the mechanics to match. I am having such a blast with this game and its only been out for three hours. These next eight hours at work are going to drag as all i’ll be thinking about is continuing my play-through! (I heavily contemplated calling off lol)

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