The day has come. The day they open up a beta for the new call of duty to see how all the cross platforming Would pan out and so far it has been a lot of fun. They opened the serves for PS4 players on Friday and PC and XBOX for free on Saturday. The open beta is an absolute blast and this new call of duty did a lot of things right, although I did have the misfortune of drawing a match against all PC players.

This call of duty feels old yet new and I haven’t put it down, other than to play the new Zelda game that just came out. It only took me a few short matches before I decided to Pre-order the game, something I don’t usually do. This game feels fast paced, yet slow at the same time. You need to be constantly running, but you also can’t afford the time it takes to draw your gun after running. It has a touch of battlefield and a touch of Siege as well, without outright copying them. This game has deployed all the right components from all the right shooter games available today. They deployed a handful of game modes to play, including the giant 32vs32 battleground mode. All in all this game is set to be a great one and it really brought me back to the days where I loved call of duty. Thank you for reading and as always subscribe to my page to stay up to date with the latest content!

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