The world of Greedfall is a completely new concept and is visually stunning. Set in the 17th century, Greedfall touches on the basic human tendency to explore and conquer. This game is a movement from one old colony to a new one with plenty of landscapes to find and explore. This game looks amazing and I can’t wait to delve into its madness.

You’re character is De Sardet and travels to a continent called Teer Fradee in hopes of conquering this unfamiliar land that is filled with many different creatures and beasts. De Sardet is a noble on a journey to find a cure for a disease known as the Malichor that is devastatingly rearing through the continent. Along your journey, you have five different ally characters that can tag along, although you can only take two at any given time. These characters all have different styles and fighting preferences, and belong to different factions that tie into the game.

This game is mostly driven by character choice which comes with a few different endings. These choices come in different variations based on your characters and how you approach quests. You can choose between a plethora of skills and abilities from a one handed sword or a great sword, you can use magic or just use a pistol. You can also combine many styles to create your own unique style.

Difficulty plays a major role in the experience you get out of this game. You can use a lower difficulty to have a more causal and political experience, or you can choose a more difficulty setting that puts emphasis on combat and how you use and manage your abilities. Crafting also plays a major role in this grand experience as it allows you to build up your weapons and armor. Overall this game looks like a combination of some of my favorite RPG titles and I can’t wait to start my walk-through series on this game.

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