I’ve been playing this title a lot lately and it is seriously one of my favorite action-adventure rpgs in recent memory. The visuals are astounding, the combat is brutal yet rewarding and overall this game is just a good time. It implements everything I’ve liked about past titles and added in some fresh ideas to keep it interesting!

This game is set in the year 431 BC and the plot is set right in the middle if the Peloponnesian war between Athens and Sparta. Your character fights for both sides of this war to reunite your long-lost family and uncover and destroy a cult. For the first time in the series you have a little character customization. The main character can be either male or female and they both fit into the story so well. This game was released on PC, PS4, Xbox one and the Nintendo switch on October 5th, 2018. This game received excellent reviews for its visuals, story and combat while receiving some criticism its grinding and micro-transactions.

This game has a much bigger emphasis on the grinding and looting elements you see in most rpgs now a days which I personally love but I can see how tedious this could be for someone just looking for a story driven game. I personally love this game because the main character is a descendant of the great Leonidas of Sparta, wielding his spear head in place of the usual hidden assassin blades. In this game, combat focuses on three elements which are “hunter”, “warrior” and “assassin” which are each fun and unique in their own way as you can decide to sneak up on someone, shoot them long range with an arrow and or Sparta kick your enemy off of a boat. The combat system never got old to me and I enjoy it each time I play.

This game also features naval combat, which was one of my favorite aspects of Black Flag. The naval combat in this game wasn’t as fun as in Black Flag in my opinion but it is still an awesome feature none the less and there is now better feeling than destroying a ship and then boarding it to fight with its crew. This game is so much fun and the plot and combat never got old for me. I still play this game regularly and one day I may decide to do a walk-through on this title as I know It’s impossible to truly experience everything in one play-through

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